Nataliya Tyaglo Art Exhibit at the Ukrainian National Museum
September 4-October 25, 2015

Nataliya Tyaglo approaches a painting as a gift – an opportunity to give to people – a gift of energy, inspiration, love, and motivation.  Tyaglo says, “I create to help people cope and celebrate life.”  In the series “Ukrainian Soul” her intention is to inspire people to look deeper into what it means to be Ukrainian at heart, no matter what background or upbringing an individual has. With a deeper and more colorful understanding of Ukrainian culture,  the aim of her work is to  to add meaning to our cultural life, a deeper understanding of what it means to be Ukrainian  and strengthen our communities -not by downplaying other cultures- but by recognizing, preserving and sharing our own abundant Ukrainian culture.

Today, she is a full time artist creating symbolic paintings for private collectors, exhibiting her work in various galleries, painting murals in Silicon Valley, CA. She travels often to perform Live Painting at weddings, private events, fashion shows, concerts and fundraisers. In her spare time she leads art workshops to adults and youth to share the healing benefits of creative art practice in the Bay Area and in her art studio in Lake Tahoe.


Check out the artist’s fundraising video and receive a Virtual Exhibit Slideshow, A Set of Cards, or a A book about “Ukrainian Soul” in exchange for your contribution!