Mission & Objectives


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The primary mission of the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago is to preserve and share the Ukrainian Immigration contribution to Chicago’s cultural tapestry.


  1. Be the central collection point for Ukrainian immigrant’s documents, artifacts, and records of life in America and Ukraine.
  2. Develop the museum’s collection by encouraging donations of documents, artifacts, and records related to Ukraine’s history, culture, and the immigration experience.
  3. Preserve and protect those resources that are rare, fragile, or subject to deterioration.
  4. Catalog the museum resources for ease of research, accountability and use.
  5. Exhibit and make known the museum’s resources to educate the public in the accomplishments and activity of the Ukrainian Immigration in the USA and the history and culture of Ukraine.
  6. Establish links with other similar organizations and institutions to develop synergy and sharing of resources.
  7. Develop and utilize a professional staff to obtain grants, funding, donations, new membership, and for the execution of museum and archival functions.