Opening – October 14, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Ukrainian National Museum’s

70th Anniversary

 Seven Decades of Memories and Inspiration

Admission:  $10.00

October 14, 2022 – December 3, 2022

 “Only those people who value their historic past and preserve evidence of their cultural and historic existence deserve and are worth living the life of a nation.” Dr. Myroslav Simenovych, 1st president of the Ukrainian National Museum.
In a world perpetually in flux, museums provide a respite of stillness where culture, art, and history are preserved — not only as artifacts but as lessons for future generations.

What fate would befall the history of the human spirit if there was no one among us who treasured, above all, museums?

The Ukrainian National Museum is celebrating its 70th year with a rare exhibit of the treasures it’s been preserved since 1952. The UNM staff has showcased Ukraine’s heritage, culture, history, persistent struggle for independence, immigration, and immigrant contributions to American society

One-of-a-kind donations from the of Ukrainian-Americans include: President Woodrow Wilson’s fountain pen, 1933 Century of Progress memorabilia, and 17th-century publications. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has turned the UNM into a cultural ambassador for journalists, academics, researchers and art critics.
At this critical moment, when Ukraine’s very existence is at stake, we invite you to explore and revel in our contribution to Chicago’s ethnic heritage.