Ukrainian Gastronomic Identity: Tastes We Almost Lost
By Marianna Dushar

Friday, March 6, 2020, 7:00 pm

Marianna Dushar, aka Ms. Stefa and the Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago invite you to:
A slide/lecture presentation on the topic of Ukrainian culinary uniqueness, it’s more than just varenyky and borscht, it’s “Ukrainian Gastronomic Identity: Tastes We Almost Lost.”

Marianna is from Lviv, Ukraine. She is a Fulbright recipient who is researching Ukrainian recipes, traditions throughout centuries and continents and how and why they’ve evolved. Her specialty is the Galician kitchen. 
She has also authored projects “Mrs. Stefa” and “Seeds and Roots.”
In addition to her lecture, she will speak about the newly edited book (2019) which originally came out in 1929 by Olha Franko, The First General Practical Kitchen, prefaced by Marianna Dushar.


This book will be for sale on Friday, March 6th. Limited copies available.