Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary

by Yuri Shevchuk
The Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary compiled by Yuri Shevchuk, lecturer of Ukrainian at Columbia University, was recently published by the Hippocrene Books of New York. The 1000-page tome has no precedents in Ukrainian or Slavic lexicography and combines features of six types of dictionaries: 1) bilingual (translation), 2) collocation, 3) learner’s, 4) phraseological, 5) thesaurus, and 6) encyclopedic.
The Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary is meant for Ukrainian language learners of all levels of proficiency (elementary, intermediate, advanced and superior), Ukrainian language instructors and instructors of theory and practice of translation, Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian translators and interpreters, comparative linguists, lexicographers, researchers, business people, journalists, and anyone with an interest in the Ukrainian language. It is an irreplaceable resource for Ukrainian-speakers who study English and native speakers of Ukrainian who wish to perfect and enrich their Ukrainian.
The Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary is a must-have for everybody who wishes to learn Ukrainian as a foreign or second language and improve their Ukrainian as their mother tongue.
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About the author.
Yuri Shevchuk is the lecturer of Ukrainian language at Columbia University’s Department of Slavic Languages and the Harriman Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Germanic Philology from Kyiv State University (1987), and MA in Political Science from the New School for Social Research (1996). In 1990-1993 and 1996-2012 he taught Ukrainian at Harvard University Summer School. He also teaches Ukrainian at Yale and Cornell. Yuri Shevchuk has published in the US, Canadian, and Ukrainian press and on the Internet on issues of Ukrainian language, identity, culture, Ukrainian and world cinema. He authored Beginner’s Ukrainian with Interactive Online Workbook, Hippocrene Books, 2011, 2013, 2016, a popular textbook for university students and self-learners worldwide. His pamphlet Linguistic Schizophrenia. Whither, Ukraine?, 2015, Diskursus (in Ukrainian) provoked an national discussion in Ukraine. His recent article “Language in Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema” is the first ever in-depth study of how language has been used in Ukrainian Soviet and post-Soviet film as a tool of Russian colonialism. Dr. Shevchuk is the founding director of the Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University, the only permanent forum of Ukrainian film outside Ukraine since 2004. He is a recognized authority in Ukrainian film studies. Dr. Shevchuk is a member of the Ukrainian National Filmmakers’ Union and the Ukrainian Film Academy.
Dr. Shevchuk has extensively lectured on Ukrainian language, culture, and film at leading US, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Ukrainian universities.
His latest book the Ukrainian-English Collocation Dіctionary, Hippocrene Books, New York, N.Y., 2021, 1,000 pages, is a breakthrough in the Ukrainian language pedagogy and has no precedents in Slavic or English lexicography.