You are invited to attend the opening of our fall Art Exhibit by upcoming Ukrainian young artists, Anna Vykhtyuk and Krystyna Kozyuk. 

The exhibit will feature acrylics by Anna which will draw you into an imaginary world of beauty and color through her whimsical-magical, florals and animal themes.

Krystyna’s grand oils will feature abstract florals in bright colors that invite you to enter the paintings’ themselves as you get lost in the fields of color and depth.

 For both artist this will be their second exhibit at the Ukrainian National Museum. The exhibit with feature up to fifty paintings.

Anna Vykhtyuk has been working on perfecting her craft ever since she came to Chicago in late 2015.  Anna was born in Western Ukraine, she graduated from Lviv Academy of the Arts, with a masters, majoring in ceramics.  She has participated in various exhibits across Ukraine exhibiting her ceramics.  She is eager to exhibit her new acrylics paintings at the Museum that will uplift you and bring you joy.

Khrystyna Kozyuk grew up surrounded by luscious landscapes, and spent much of her time outdoors exploring local markets, drawing inspiration from everything around Chortkiv, Ukraine. After high school Khrystyna studied classical European drawing at the National University of Forest Engineering in Lviv, Ukraine. Upon graduating Khrystyna moved to the United States in 2005, where she received 5 awards and has had seven solo exhibitions in Illinois.

Khrystyna’s ultimate goal is to “open your eyes to the beauty that is around us by showing the viewer my feelings behind each piece. Welcome to my world…”