October 19, 2021, Tuesday, Ruslan Horovyi from Kyiv, Ukraine 

Film Screening – “Just  Below the Sky”, Tuesday, October 19, 2021. 7:00 PM., UNM. Donations

An evening with Ukrainian  journalist, author of the “Children’s Search Service” TV-show (since 2001), documentary director, and writer,  Ruslan Horovyi 

Documentary “Just Below the Sky” is about the unending Russian – Ukrainian war in Eastern Ukraine, specifically, fighting at the Donetsk airport. Surviving cyborgs and family members recollect memories and reflections about their brutally killed fellow cyborgs. Their last conversations, prayers, wishes and images stay engraved in your memory. War is brutal, it is all about money. The authors and producers of the film are military journalist and volunteer – Mykhailo Ukhman and his comrade-in-arms Serhiy Konoval. For two years, they traveled through Ukraine and recorded interviews with those who fought valiantly against the Russian occupiers.

Ruslan Horovyii authored several books for adults and children which will be available to purchase with the auhtor’s signature.