We are honored to host the exhibit which explores the talent of two amazing Ukrainian artists, mother and daughter Olja Fedoruk and Oksana Kami. Oksana Kami studied art history at Lviv National Academy of Art (Ukraine). After graduating with an MA, she pursued photography. Within five years after settling in Chicago, IL, she went through a transformation which finally leads her to fine art photography as a field where she could share what she felt. Whether it has a vibe of a surreal parallel world or of quiet introspection, her work is meant to make people feel each micro-moment.

In addition to fine art photography, Oksana Kami is a poet and graphic artist. She presented her poetry and graphic art in a personal exhibition in Lviv, Ukraine in 2006, entitled “In Search of the Fifth Element.” Oksana took part in a number of other art exhibitions with her images and as an art critic from 2001 to 2010. A hardcover collection of her poetry titled, “Being,” was published in 2013 featuring her graphic art along with her writing.

Oksana combines traditional photography with digital manipulation to create images that resemble oil on canvas.

She incorporates esoteric themes into her photography work. Through her work, she tries to convey the idea that time is not linear. In a world where all moments exist simultaneously, one can change her past as well as her future. This multidimensional world allows us to visit the world of our dreams or to face our worst fears.

By sharing her main message about searching for the purpose of life, her intention is to motivate people to realize all possibilities to find everything they’re looking for.