On Friday, November 30, 2018, at 7:00 pm, the museum welcomes for the first time an extraordinary never seen exhibit by Dr. Rosolana Tymiak –Lonchyna displaying four generations of embroidery and the legacy they leave behind, with her beautiful photographs on glass appearing as frosted windows which she will weave through the exhibit.

The exhibit will display her families generational embroidery that will tell a story and reflect on their family history, including her own that will feature embroidered furniture, picture frames pillows, baby blankets, and baby cradles to name a few. You will be moved by all the endless labor of love that was put into all the designs.  The inspiration came one winter of embroidered magic in Syracuse, where the family of Dr. Roksolana was snowed in.  All the roads were snow covered, no one could leave the house, to go to school or work. All the women began to create magic and by the end of the storm a few a days later, a lasting and beautiful tradition was born and to be continued for many years to come.

The exhibit not to be missed continues through January 20, 2019.