Are you looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  There is no better venue than the Ukrainian National Museum. You will enjoy an evening of art, music, culture, friends, and refreshments for a mere $10.00.
The Ukrainian National Museum invites you to “Expressions of Love on Glass,” art on glass exhibition, opening February 14, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., by the creative mother and daughter duo.  The visionary collaboration of mother Eleonora Bilinska and daughter Evpraksia Denutse reflects their talent and individual artistic visions. Both born in Lviv, Ukraine and both graduated from Lviv State College of Fine and Decorative Arts named after Ivan Trush. Eleonora and Evpraksia create intricate, bright and full of life artworks. The method they practice is a reverse painting on glass, which historically at first was used for creating sacral paintings in the Middle Ages in Europe.  Such a form of art became practiced in Ukraine around the XIX century, predominantly in the Western part of it.  

The Exhibit will continue through March 8, 2020.