FUSION Art Exhibition by four young culturally diverse Chicago artists: Anastasiya Kostyshyn, Alexa Van Dike, Jesus F Martinez, Jarema Khrusch.

Anastasiya Kostyshyn’s paintings are transformations of traditional portraits. She paints people situated in natural landscapes surrounded by elements like flowers, grass, and trees. Anastasiya painstakingly delineates these elements to give her compositions an intense energy.

Jesus Martinez uses Mexican playing cards, paper-mache, torn paper, rice paper, cardboard, tape, and origami in his work to constantly expand on finding new forms. Jesus says his life feels like it is an enormous painting scale which he’s trying to finish before an early deadline.

Alexa Van Dike works stitch by stitch. She embroiders and manipulates the texture of her paintings to work in unison with distressed denim. Alexa’s work includes both paintings and drawings of the female form, typically displayed as mixed media including denim, thread, and paper, on a wall as an object.