Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation and Ukrainian Catholic University invite you for a Ukrainian-language presentation of Book «The Clergy of the Peremyshl Eparchy and the Apostolic Administration of Lemkivshchyna. Vol 2: Documents and materials (1939-1950)» written by Rev.Fr. Bohdan Prach, Ph.D., Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University.
The study by Rev. Bohdan Prach explores the history of the Peremyshl eparchy and the Apostolic Administration of Lemkivshchyna during the tumultuous and tragic period of 1939-1989 when the Church saw the extreme hardships of World War II; Soviet, German, and Polish repressions; the forced liquidation of its ecclesial structures; and the imprisonment, exile or deportation of both clergy and faithful.

To take part in a presentation please complete a registration form: UNM, Sunday, April 29, at 1:30 pm