OPENING DECEMBER 10, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Admission $10.00

Join the Museum for an evening of festive Christmas Shopping!

Beautiful original acrylic paintings, original design pillows, hoodies, handbags, scarfs & many more gift items.

Presenting up-and-coming artists 

and graduates of

Lviv National Academy of Arts. 

     Les Panchyshyn & Khrystyna Kardash-Stupnytska

 Les Panchyshyn, Kiev, Ukraine. 

artist, photographer, author and videographer, will be returning for his third exhibition at the Ukrainian National Museum. Earlier this month he was awarded Best New Exhibitor in Spectrum Miami 2021.

His part of the exhibition consists of acrylic paintings that reminds us that one image or picture can say more than a ton of scientific data for public awareness of environmental issues, global warming and climate change. 

He has participated in personal exhibitions in Ukraine, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium.

   Khrystyna Kardash-Stupnytska, Chicago, Illinois.

artist, designer, of art work displayed on her website
Khrystyna will be exhibiting and selling her original designs depicted on pillows, hoodies, scarfs canvases and other original accessories and clothing. 

She designs her art work with two beautiful God’s creations in mind: Woman and Flowers. The artist combines different techniques, mostly watercolors and acrylic. “I create for each of you, with love and piece of my soul, and as an artist I will be extremely happy if my art works find their place in your home, your wardrobe or in your heart.” Khrystyna.