Public Programs

Public Programs

The Ukrainian National Museum of Chicago participates in a number of public programs, most notably the Cultural Connections program – a dynamic exploration of Chicago’s communities’ histories, perspectives, and cultural changes. This year, twenty-two Chicago-area cultural resources have partnered with The Field Museum of Natural History’s Center for Cultural Understanding and Change to present the eighth season of the Cultural Connections program.

Cultural Connections offers you a unique opportunity to explore Chicago’s communities and uncover connections among people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Program participants experience Chicago in a new way by becoming “urban anthropologists” who use a comparative framework (Common Concerns, Different Responses) and the technique of participant-observation to deepen their understanding when they travel to partner museums and cultural centers. As a program participant, you will observe first voice presentations and performances, examine museum collections, participate in fascinating discussions, and uncover the reasons for cultural differences. As you explore and get to know your neighboring communities through their cultural organizations, you will uncover your cultural connections and deepen your appreciation of the value of Chicago’s cultural diversity!

Eight Cultural Connections events take place during a program year that extends from late September to early June. Joint events are developed around an annual theme; this year’s is entitled The Language of Looks. Under this theme partners will explore the different ways we send messages about ourselves through aspects of our appearance. For example, some of the questions partners will consider include: How and when does their appearance reveal a person’s place of origin? Who determines what is appropriate appearance? And why do people sometimes deliberately take on the appearance of others?

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April 11, 2014