October 17-18, 2015


The Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago (OHC) is a free public festival that offers behind-the-scenes access to 200 buildings across Chicago. Explore the hidden gems and architectural treasures of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods—all for free.

Take a step into the Ukrainian Culture through the scope of Ukrainian-Americans’ in Chicago at the Ukrainian National Museum. Experience day-to-day life through the elaborate costumes, tapestries, woodcarvings, and decorated Easter Eggs in the traditional home. Be transported to 1709 for the signing of the first constitution in the world in the Kozak Nation. Join the thousands of visitors at the World’s Fair in 1933 Chicago. Learn about the Holodomor Genocide of 1932-33 and the protests and war which started in December of 2013. By viewing the Ukrainian Traditions like the crooked dance, Arkan- A Dance of Carpathian Peaks, Holy Supper, Pokrova-A Spirit of Autumn Blessing, Celebration of a Blessed Soul, Kupalo Radiance, and Spring Melody you can feel the Ukrainian Soul in the works of Nataliya Tyaglo. “Wonderful, informative, cultural, historical, local, foreign.”

200 cool places. 48 hours.

Go. It’s free admission. 

For more information visit openhousechicago.org